India's Resource Security

  • Author(s): Nitya Nanda and Swati Ganeshan (eds)
  • Size: 160 mm x 240 mm
  • Pages: 168
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530004
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With increasing population, economic growth, rising demand, and receding resources, the inevitable question of who owns, manages, and utilizes resources has acquired paramount importance. With nations undertaking significant efforts to secure and access natural resources, a holistic resource security framework is critical and essential for a secure and sustainable future. India’s Resource Security: Trade, Geopolitics, and Efficiency Dimensions covers a wide range of issues within the domain of resource security. It attempts to make the readers understand the resource concerns from three perspectives: trade, geopolitics, and efficiency. 

The book highlights the major aspects that resource security encompasses: sustainable resource development and extraction, production and use, trade and investments, geopolitical considerations, and intergovernmental and multilateral cooperation. It also discusses resource efficiency intensifying globally, the potential scope for responsible resource development at the extraction and production levels, enhanced efficiency in resource use, and recycling and reuse at the end-use level to strengthen the framework for achieving resource security. The book also deals with multilateral approaches, various forms of cooperation—including the possible formation of a resource bank—focused resource-based engagement in South Asia, and the means to enhance bilateral relations with India’s relevant allies and partners.

Table of Contents

    Resource Security and the Global Trade Dynamics
    Accessing Resources from Global Market: Geopolitical Challenges and Strategies
    Can India Revive Global Energy and Commodity Demand? Some Empirics
    Impact of Export Restrictions on Export of Natural Resources

    Securing Resources through Global Cooperation
    Ensuring Resource Security through International Cooperation on Resource Bank
    Resource Security and Regional Cooperation in South Asia
    India–Russia Partnership in the Energy Sector
    Resource Security for India in an Uncertain Global Market: Is it time for Africa?

    Resource Geopolitics: A Strategic Approach
    Energy Security: Securing India’s Energy Resource Base
    Strategic and Critical Minerals: A Geopolitical Analysis for Energy, Defence, and ICT Sectors

    Resource Efficiency and Resource Management
    Efficient Mining Exploration and Production for India’s Resource Efficiency and Security
    Understanding the Linkages Between Secondary Resource Management and Resource Security in the Indian Context
    Indian Rare-earth Industry: Need and Opportunity for Revival and Growth

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