Journal of Resources, Energy and Development (JREaD)

  • Author(s): Nandini Kumar
  • Periodicity: March and September
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  • Pages: 60
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0975-7554
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Target Audience

    Why is REaD published? How is its purpose being fulfilled?

    A biannual publication, REaD (Resources, Energy, and Development) focuses on research and integration of knowledge at the interface of resources and development. It provides a forum for comprehensive investigation, analysis, and review of subjects in the fields of energy, environment, and natural resource management that confront decision-makers, planners, consultants, politicians, and researchers. It deals with theoretical and methodological issues and case studies on the interrelationships among development, human activity, and resource use; explores sustainability issues and transitions; and facilitates dialogues between the scientific community and the society at large. Only original articles based on policy research and rigorous analysis are published.

Table of Contents

    Village Level Actors in Sustainable Forest Management: A Study in Madhya Pradesh
    Prasant Kumar
    Impact of Common Property Forest Incomes on Rural Income Inequality: A Gini Decomposition Analysis
    Abhilas Kumar Pradhan
    Vulnerability Mapping for Water Stress in Kerala
    P Indira Devi, K M Sunil, Sebin Sara Solomon, and P Seenath
    The Future of Renewables: An Appraisal of Feed-in-Tariffs and Renewable Portfolio Standards
    Ipshita Chaturvedi
    Book Review
    Powerless: India’s Energy Shortage and Its Impact


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