Environment Chronicles-II: The best of TerraGreen

  • Author(s): TERI
  • Size: 150 mm × 230 mm
  • Pages: 272
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530059
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Book Details

This book covers, in a panoramic sweep, all the formidable environmental challenges that we face. It is a grim reminder of our disquieting environmental reality; yet the stories here inspire hope and provide examples of the building blocks for a sustainable world. Environment Chronicles II is the go-to resource for readers who want to know, in holistic terms, about what's ailing the environment as well as the solutions for a greener future. Backing up its claims with several unassailable facts, this book reinforces the urgency for sustainable development, particularly for conservation, resource-use efficiency, and waste minimization—all ideas that are now picking up the much-needed momentum.

Key Features

    • Unique collection of articles on development and underdevelopment from India and abroad
    • Contributions by well-known journalists and environmentalists
    • Inspirational stories of struggle, survival, and hope
    • Immensely readable and informative

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Bahar Dutt

    Sustainable Development

    • Uranium Mining in Meghalaya: The Ecological and Health Challenges by Jonathan Donald Syiemlieh
    • Sustainable Trends in Fashion: Overcoming the Challenges by Swati Prabhu
    • Greening of Financial Institutions: The Road to Sustainable Banking by Swagata Dey
    • Sustainable Slum Improvement Models:Ban Mankong in Thailand and PRODEL in Nicaragua by Souvanic Roy and Manas Kumar Sanyal
    • Sustainable Transport: Issues and Implementation by Arvind Kumar


    • Heat Waves: Are We Concerned Enough? by Suruchi Bhadwal
    • Community Conservation of Indian Grasslands by Surya Prakash
    • Critically Endangered Wetlands: Environmental Impacts of Urban Growth by Subir Ghosh
    • The Lethal Plastic Metal: Upcycling and Reducing Demand by Rashi Goel


    • Encountering Aquatic Hypoxia: Responses, Adaptability, and Mitigation Measures by Tincy Varghese
    • Rejuvenating the Ganga Basin: The Need to Implement GRBEMP by Sujit Chakraborty
    • The Water Magician: Ending Water Poverty by Sharada Balasubramanian


    • Eye of the Tiger: Are the Numbers Growing? by Anuradha Dutt
    • Highways for Wild Animals by Arefa Tehsin and Raza H Tehsin
    • Mitigating Human–Animal Conflict in India: Participatory Approaches bySharada Balasubramanian and Rahul Chavan
    • Turtle Conservation: Community Participation, the Way Ahead by Laxmikant Deshpande

    Heritage and Tourism

    • Understanding Public Spaces: An Analysis of Their Sustainability by Ramya Ramanathan
    • Uttarakhand’s Battling Interests: Time for Change by Mukesh Rawat

     Sustainable Livelihood

    • Fodder Production in Himachal Pradesh: Reducing the Drudgery of Women in the Hills by Sarita Brara
    • Fostering Cultural Responses: To Ecosystemic Change by Rahul Goswami
    • The Breathing Livelihood of Rajasthan: Handicrafts and Other Sustainable Art Forms by Saurabh Somani

    Food Security

    • Are We Food Secured? by Ranjan K Panda
    • Sustainable Diets: Re-engineering Food by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
    • Prospects for India’s Food Security: The Indo-Gangetic Plain as a Vital Link by Monika Kumari and Md Maroof Azam


    • The Alarming Delhi Smog: Genesis and Post Analysis by Pradeep Kumar Mukherjee
    • Lifestyle Diseases: Scourge of the First World by Harish Alagappa
    • Is the Air Killing Your Child?: The Rising Epidemic of Childhood Cancer in India by Rina Mukherji

     Socio-environmental Issues

    • Ghost Villages of Uttarakhand: The Need for Rehabilitation by Rajshekhar Pant
    • Brus’ Return by Nava Thakuria
    • Cross-boundary Development: Through Disciplinary Research and Socio-environmental Synthesis by Biba Jasmine
    • Chemical Fertilizers: Impact on Climate Change by M N Kulkarni


    • Urban Health Resources Centre: Empowering Women to Work for Health by Paromita Pain
    • Ecofeminism in India: Defying an Ideological Straitjacket? by Rina Mukherji

    Disaster Management

    • SEEDS: The Way to a Safer Future by N Kalyani
    • A Shaky Future: Is North India Sitting on a Seismic Time Bomb? by Guy Noronha
    • Disaster Management at the Time of Natural Hazards: Role of Residents’ Welfare Associations by K S R Murthy 


    • Shale Gas: A Game Changer? by Prabir Sengupta
    • Morocco Turns on the Solar Switch: Lifted out of Darkness by Arjun Wadhwa
    • Waves of Electricity: Reduce Demand or Increase Supply? by Bharat Jhunjhunwala


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