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World Digital Libraries: An International Journal (WDL)
Vol.14(2)  December 2021
Print ISSN : 0974-567X
Knowledge Management Involving Sustainable Development Goals and Demographic Dividend of Bangladesh

M. A. Sayeed
Director (Retd)
Economic Relations Division
Ministry of Finance
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
House-13, Road-4, Block-D, Section-6, Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216
(E): csasayeed@gmail.com

The paper discussed in this article particularly addressed the potentials to achieve demographic dividend (DD) of Bangladesh, importance of knowledge management, and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also discussed the challenges in a general observation, not in-depth economic analysis, although some general statistics were cited. United Nations (UN) formulation SDGs, 2016–30 agenda was addressed to promote socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. Bangladesh has experience in achieving most of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs: 1990–2015), formulated by the UN for the same interest. As knowledge management for development issues is a vital ingredient and there is no way to ignore for any kind of development of its sharing and dissemination. Under this light, the paper tried to focus its importance and significance and ways of cultivation for sharing so that the communities concerned can take benefit. A reciprocal relation tried to highlight between knowledge management, SDGs, and DD. Finally some recommendations were formulated from the experience of achieving DD and SDGs. Knowledge management policy adaptation was also recommended for in-time decision-making process relating to those achievements. Information literacy was also addressed in brief.


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