TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) 2019/20

List of Tables

Energy and Environment: An Overview

Coal and Lignite

Petroleum and Natural Gas

          1    Proved and probable reserves status during 2017/18

          2    LNG terminals in India

          3    Trend in installed refining capacity of Indian refineries

          4    Trend in subsidies for the sale of petroleum and natural gas in India

          5    List of taxes for the production and sale of crude oil in India

          6    List of taxes for the production and sale of natural gas in India

          7    Retail selling price and taxes on petrol and diesel in India and other countries in 2019/20

          8    Trend in CNG stations, CNG vehicles, and CNG sales quantity in India


Renewable Energy




Household Energy

          1    A timeline of government acts, policies, and schemes for providing energy access to households


Air Quality and Pollution

Solid Waste management

Water Resource Management

Land and Forest Resource Management

Climate Change