List of Tables

Energy and Environment: An Overview

1 SEC Indian industries

2 Trend in consumption of select petroleum products in India (in MT)

Coal and Lignite

1 Pithead run of mine (ROM) price of non-coking coal applicable for Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Central Coalfields Limited, Northern Coalfields Limited, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, South Eastern Coalfields Limited, and North Eastern Coalfields Limited, with effect from 9 January 2018

2 Pit head price of non-coking coal applicable for Western Coalfields Limited, with effect from 9 January 2018.

Petroleum and Natural gas

1 Proved and probable reserves status during 2017/18.

2 LNG terminals in India..

3 Trend in installed refining capacity of Indian refineries

4 Trend in subsidies for the sale of petroleum and natural gas in India

5 List of taxes for the production and sale of crude oil in India.

6 List of taxes for the production and sale of natural gas in India..

7 Retail selling price and taxes on petrol and diesel in India and other countries in 2018/19.

8 Trend in CNG stations, CNG vehicles, and CNG sales quantity in India


1 Growth in transmission sector.

2 AT&C loss trajectory submitted by the states (in %)

3 Average tariff

4 Selected state-wise average tariff for sale of electricity in India (2007/08 to 2013/14) (in paise/kWh)

5 Sanctioned smart grid pilot projects and implementation status

6 Status of electrified households 2019

Renewable Energy

1 Top five players in solar pv

2 Benchmark costs for various solar thermal technologies

3 Status of concentrated solar power plants in India


1 Production, imports, and consumption of fertilizers (in ‘000 tonnes of nutrients)

2 Source-wise net irrigated area in India (in Mha)

3 Distribution of GHG emissions by sub-sectors from the agriculture sector in 2010 and 2014 (in GgCO2e)

4 State-/UT-wise cold storage capacity (as of 31 March 2018)

5 Irrigation water productivity of rice, wheat and sugar cane in major growing states

6 State-/UT-wise cumulative installation of solar water pumps (as of 31 December 2017)

7 On-farm solar energy interventions linking water and land use in different states in India

Policy categories and key nodal agency impacting energy use in agriculture Electricity consumption in the agriculture sector


1 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for aluminium sector

2 Production of aluminium by primary aluminium producers

3 SEC in aluminium smelting

4 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for cement sector.

5 Cement production

6 Average and best practice energy consumption values for Indian cement plants by process

7 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for chlor-alkali sector.

8 Production of alkali chemicals.

9 Section-wise energy consumption in caustic soda production

10 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for fertilizer sector

11 Production of urea, DAP, and complexes (in MT).

12 Benchmarking energy consumption in the fertilizer sector..

13 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for iron and steel sector.

14 Crude steel production and percentage utilization in India..

15 Comparison of Indian and international SEC for steel industry

16 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for pulp and paper sector...

17 Benchmarking energy consumption in different industry groups of pulp and paper sector

18 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for textile sector

19 Production of yarn and fabric in India.

20 Typical energy requirements for different process in the textile industry .

21 Brief overview of different PAT cycles for petrochemical sector

22 Production (in MT) of major petrochemicals in India

23 Share of different types of energy consumption in petrochemical plants (in %).

24 Energy for ethane and naphtha crackers ..


1 Trend in consumption of select petroleum products in India.

2 India’s road network.

3 Lane-wise length of national highways in India (in km)

4 Freight and passenger movement by roads.

5 Major port-wise capacity utilization during 2017/18 (in MT)

6 Cargo traffic handled at ports in India (in MT)

7 Traffic handled at non-major ports (in MT) maritime states.

8 Funds allocated under Sagarmala scheme to coastal states/ UTs (2015/16–2018/19)

9 Cargo movement through inland waterways transport

10 Airports in India.

11 Passenger traffic carried by scheduled airlines (in million)..

12 Freight traffic carried by scheduled airlines (in lakh tonnes) .

13 App-based transport projects under Smart Cities Mission...

14 Operational metro rail length in Indian cities (as of June 2018)

Household Energy

1 Government acts, policies, and schemes for providing energy access to households


1 Outputs of commercial building stock modelling: total built-up area, electricity consumption, and energy savings

2 Air-conditioning and cooling capacity of India in 2016

3 Final energy consumption for space cooling in buildings

4 Status of energy-efficiency policies in India

Air Quality and Pollution

1 State-/UT-wise distribution of manual and continuous monitoring stations in operation under NAMP.

2 Revised ambient air quality standards (2009)

3 Breakpoints for air quality index scale (0–500).

4 State-/UT-wise estimates of 24 h concentrations of PM2.5 in kitchens from the use of solid cooking fuels.

5 Stack emission standards for major air polluting industries..

6 New emission standards for TPPs...

7 Emission standards for two-wheeler and three-wheeler categories 

8 Emission standards for four-wheeler category ...

9 Emission norms for heavy diesel vehicles..

10 Emission standards for generator sets

11 Dose response studies of short-term effects of criteria air pollutants on all daily mortality in India

12 Dose response studies of short-term effects of criteria air pollutants on all-cause mortality around the globe

13 Recent policies in different sectors to improve air quality in India

Solid Waste Management

Water Resource Management

1 Water resource potential (in BCM) in river basins of India..

2 Criteria for categorization of assessment units...

3 Sustainable Development Goal 6: National Indicator Framework 

Land and Forest Resource Management

1 Trends in NPK use and its ratio in Indian agriculture

2 Category-wise total area under wastelands

3 Changes in area under wetlands from 2005/06 to 2011/12

4 Status of wetland conservation in India

5 Details of funds released under National Afforestation Programme

6 Details of state-wise funds released under Green India Mission

7 State-/union territory-wise list of funds released from (in ` ) ad hoc CAMPA from 2015/16 to 2017/18

8 Number of floral species, their endemism, and threat status

9 Number of faunal species, their endemism, and threat status

10 Animals, plants, fungi, and protists in the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List Categories

11 Details of the PAs of India

12 Some key facts related to the forestry and Biodiversity sector in India

Climate Change

1 Level of CO2 emissions

2 Emission trends across four major CO2 emitters

3 Global emissions and emission gap under the implementation of INDCs for 2030 (medium and range in GtCO2e)

4 GHG emission trends in India by gases (in MtCO2e)

5 Current status of state action plans on climate change