List of Maps

Petroleum and Natural gas
1 Crude oil and product infrastructure in India
2 Natural gas infrastructures in India

Renewable Energy
1 State-wise solar energy potential (in GW)
2 State-wise wind energy potential (in MW) at 80 m above ground level
3 Biomass power (BP), bagasse cogeneration (BC), and waste-to-energy (W2E) potential
4 Small hydropower potential (in MW) in India
5 Geothermal potential (in MW) in India

1 State-wise area under degraded land in India

Household Energy
1 Average hours of daily power supply in rural areas

Water Resource Management
1 places with fluoride concentration more than 1.5 mg/L
2 Groundwater quality issues (electrical conductivity and arsenic)

Land and Forest Resource Management
1 Wasteland map (2008/09) of India
2 State-wise number of wetlands in India
3 Forest cover of India