List of Figures

Energy and Environment: An Overview

Sankey diagram for 2016/17

Coal and Lignite

Petroleum and Natural gas


Renewable Energy



1 Share of different processes in crude steel production


Household Energy



Air Quality and Pollution

  1. Annual ambient concentrations of different pollutants across the country during 10 years’ time
  2. State-/UT-wise average ambient air quality status of different pollutant parameters for the period 2008–17
  3. Sectoral contribution to ambient (a) PM10 and (b) PM5  Institutional framework of air quality governance in India Solid Waste Management
  4. Trajectory of average MSW generated in India between 2011 and 2019 (in g/capita/day)
  5. MSW management status in India
  6. Municipal solid waste composition for waste received from Gurugram
  7. Status of solid waste treatment
  8. Major e-waste contributing states/union territories in India
  9. Composition of plastic waste in major plastic waste generating cities in India (as of 2015/16)
  10. GHG emissions from solid waste disposal sites and reduction potential
  11. Emission points from MSW sector

Water resource Management


Land and Forest resource Management

Climate Change