List of Figures

Energy and Environment: An Overview
1 Energy mix in 2016/17
2 Sankey diagram for 2016/17
3 Installed capacity of power stations (2017/18)
4 All-India coal consumption/actual supply of coal, including import, for power generation and steel and coke sector from 2012/13 to 2017/18
5 Petroleum consumption
6 LNG imports for consumption
7 Grid power sources as percentage shares (till March 2018)
8 Growth of gross electricity generation in India (mode-wise)
9 Top 10 countries on the basis of renewable energy capacity for the year 2017
10 Final energy consumption in India by sector
11 Electricity consumption in the agriculture sector
12 HSD consumption in the agriculture sector
13 Trends in electricity consumption in the industry sector
14 Consumption of selected petroleum products
15 Sector-wise fuel consumption in 2017/18
16 Trends in the total fuel consumption in the transport sector from 2009/10 to 2017/18
17 Consumption of electricity by the domestic sector from 2007/08 to 2016/17
18 Sources of energy for domestic cooking in India
19 Annual ambient concentrations of PM2.5 across the country
20 Annual ambient concentrations of PM10 across the country
21 Solid waste management in India
22 Per capita water availability
23 Classification of drylands in India in 2011/13
24 CO2 emissions in India compared to GDP (PPP)

Coal and Lignite

1 Coal reserves in India as on 1 April 2017
2 Production of coal from opencast and underground mining (in %) from 2007/08 to 2016/17
3 Coal consumption/actual supply of coal including import (in MT) for power sector (utilities and captive)
4 Coal consumption/actual supply of coal including import (in MT) for steel and coke sector
5 Coal blocks allocated
6 Sector-wise allocation of coal
7 Domestic coal pricing trends in the power sector
8 International coal pricing trends
9 Coal transportation by various modes for 2016/17
10 Country-wise import of coal to India in 2016/17
11 Modes of fly ash utilization during 2016/17

Petroleum and Natural gas
1 Statistics of crude oil and petroleum products in India
2 Trend in domestic crude oil production
3 Crude oil imports, product imports, and total imports
4 Trend in crude oil price (Indian basket) and value of crude oil imports
5 Trend in production of petroleum products from refineries and fractionators
6 Trend in net petroleum products' export
7 Status of petroleum products consumption during 2017/18
8 Trend in petroleum product consumption in India
9 Trend in self-sufficiency of petroleum products
10 Statistics of natural gas in India
11 Trend in domestic natural gas production
12 Trend in natural gas imports and share of imported natural gas in overall supply
13 Industry off-take of natural gas during 2016/17
14 Trend in consumption of natural gas by different sectors
15 Crude throughput of Indian refineries
16 Trend in gross refining margin of Indian refineries
17 Trend in subsidies for the sale of petroleum products in India
18 Total indirect tax collection from the petroleum sector and its share in the total indirect tax collection
19 Contribution of taxes from the oil and gas industry to the central exchequer
20 Trend of excise duty on petrol and diesel vis-à-vis crude oil price in India
21 Contribution of taxes from the oil and gas industry to state exchequer
22 State-wise collection of sales tax/VAT/SGST from the oil and gas industry in 2017/18
23 Trend in retail selling price and taxes of gasoline in India vis-à-vis other countries
24 Trend in retail selling price and taxes of diesel in India vis-à-vis other countries
25 Trends in the price of domestic gas produced in India on GCV basis
26 Trend in the geographical areas offered and awarded under City Gas Distribution bidding
27 Status of domestic PNG connections across states
28 Status of industrial and commercial PNG connections across states


1 Installed generating capacity in India by mode (utilities) as on 31 March 2018
2 Installed generating capacity in India by sector (utilities) as on 31 March 2018
3 Growth rate of installed generating capacity in India (2017/18)
4 CAGR of installed generating capacity in India (2011–18)
5 Growth rate of electricity generation in India (2017/18)
6 Growth of gross electricity generation in India by mode
7 CAGR of electricity generation in India (2011–18)
8 PLF of coal- and lignite-based power plants
9 Power supply position—energy (in MU)
10 Power supply position—peak (in MW)
11 Growth rate of peak demand and met (2011–18)
12 Growth rate of energy requirement and availability (2011–18)
13 Sector-wise electricity consumption pattern (2011–18)
14 Electricity intensity of economy

Renewable Energy

1 Grid power sources (in GW) and their percentage shares
2 Growth of renewable energy sources (till March 2018)
3 Installed solar capacity (2014–18)
4 Top Indian states in terms of grid-connected installed solar capacity
5 Solar tariff
6 Top 10 countries with annual PV capacity addition
7 Cumulative solar thermal installations in India (till December 2016)
8 Installation under UNDP–GEF supported project (till March 2017)
9 CST installations during 2013–17 (till Feb 2017)
10 State-wise wind energy potential at 100 m above ground level
11 Growth of wind energy sector (in MW)
12 Monthly electricity generation from wind energy (from April 2016 to March 2017)
13 State-wise installed capacity (in MW) as on March 2017 and target achieved (in %)
14 Cumulative biomass power, gasification, and bagasse cogeneration projects (up to June 2018)
15 State-wise cumulative commissioned biomass power and bagasse cogeneration grid-connected projects (up till December 2017)
16 Family-size biogas plants (up to March 2017)
17 Cumulative waste-to-energy/power projects (up to June 2018)
18 State-wise ethanol manufacturing capacity in India
19 Year-wise cumulative installed capacity (in MW) till June 2018
20 Tidal energy potential (in MW)
21 Target for geothermal energy deployment


1 Production of different agricultural products in India
2 HSD and LDO consumption in agriculture sector
3 Electricity consumption in agriculture sector
4 Region-wise electricity consumption in agriculture sector
5 Percentage share of major farm machineries used in Indian agriculture
6 Farm power availability and foodgrain yield
7 Share of major crops in the gross cropped area in India
8 Number of tractors sold
9 Number of power tillers sold
10 Number of diesel and electric pumps used in India
11 Selected state-wise area covered under micro-irrigation (drip and sprinkler) in India
12 Production of urea, diammonium phosphate, and other complex fertilizers

1 Crude steel production by different process routes

1 Total fuel consumption by transport sector in India
2 Total number of registered motor vehicles in India
3 Trend in electrification of route network of Indian Railways
4 Trend in passenger traffic movement on the Indian Railways
5 Trend in railways freight segment earnings on average rate per tonne km basis
6 Trend in fuel consumption in the Indian Railways
7 Growth in capacity in Indian shipping industry in terms of the number of vessels and gross tonnage
8 Trend in the passenger load factor of scheduled Indian airlines in the domestic market

Household Energy
1 Sustainable Development Goals
2 Residential energy consumption and per capita electricity consumption in 2015
3 Disparity among rural and urban households in terms of primary reliance on electricity for lighting
4 Growth in rural household electrification across states
5 Sources of lighting used by households in slums (percentage of households)
6 Source of energy for domestic cooking in India
8 Percentage distributions of urban households by type of occupation for primary source of energy for cooking
9 Sources of energy for cooking in slums
10 Consumption of electricity by residential sector (percentage of total consumption by all sectors)
11 Growth in per capita consumption of electricity in India
12 Mid-year population versus per capita electricity consumption and mid-year population versus actual electricity consumed by domestic sector
13 State-wise per capita consumption of electricity
14 State-wise percentage households using clean fuel for cooking
15 Percentage distributions of rural households by primary source of energy used for lighting for each household type
16 Percentage distributions of urban households by primary source of energy used for lighting for each household type
17 All-India LPG domestic customers (number in lakh) of oil marketing companies (public sector undertakings) as on 1 April 2017
18 Consumption of LPG and kerosene (in ‘000 tonnes)

Plan-wise growth of village electrification

Air quality and pollution
1 Annual ambient concentrations of different pollutant parameters across the country
2 State-wise average ambient air quality status of different pollutant parameters for the period 2007–16
3 PM2.5 concentration over India (in μg/m3)

Solid Waste Management
1 India’s GDP growth rate
2 Population projection for India along with urban growth share
3 Trajectory of average MSW generated in India between 2009–12 and 2016 (in g/capita/day)
4 MSW status in India
5 Status of solid waste treatment
6 Major e-waste contributors in India7 Major recycling infrastructure in some states of India8 Plastic waste generation in Indian states
9 Composition of plastic waste in major plastic waste generating cities in India as of 2015/16
10 Management of plastics in India
11 Average constituents of C&D waste
12 C&D waste generated in major cities of India (in TPD)
13 C&D waste management in India
14 C&D waste recycling in a typical recycling facility
15 GHG emissions from solid waste disposal sites and reduction potential
16 GHG emission points from the MSW sector

Water Resource Management

1 Per capita water availability in relation to population
2 (a) Category of groundwater exploitation in monitored blocks in India and (b) the number of groundwater assessment units
3 Depth to water level maps for (a) pre-monsoon and (b) post-monsoon in 2012
4 Number of districts with fluoride in groundwater above the permissible limit
5 Number of districts with arsenic concentration in groundwater above the permissible limit
6 Net irrigated area in India from 1950 to 2017
7 Access to safe drinking water in rural households
8 Access to safe drinking water in urban households
9 BOD (in mg/L) trends of waterbodies in India
10 Total coliform (in MPN/100 mL) trends of waterbodies in India
11 Faecal coliform (in MPN/100 mL) trends of waterbodies in India

Land and Forest Resource Management

1 Percentage of land area under various uses in 2015/16
2 Land-use change from 2010/11 to 2014/15
3 Area under agriculture
4 Percentage of area under desertification in India between 2011 and 2013
5 Forest cover in terms of percentage of the total geographical area
6 Forest cover in terms of percentage of the total geographical area
7 The forest area of six regions of the country along with annual fire alerts
8 Fire alerts in different density classes
9 Trend in afforestation from 2007/08 to 2014/15
10 CAMPA fund (in ` crore) available for states and UTs
11 Endemic and threatened endemic species of India
12 The total area under protected areas in India

Climate Change

1 All-India annual mean temperature anomalies for 1901–2017 (based on the 1971–2000 average)
2 Spatial patterns of liner trends of (a) maximum and (b) minimum temperatures
3 Spatial pattern of trend (°C/100 years) in mean annual temperature anomalies (1901–2017)
4 Decadal means of all-India summer monsoon rainfall (per cent departure from mean)
5 All-India annual mean percentage departures of annual rainfall for 1901–2017 (based on the 1961–90 average)
6 Sub-divisional trends of (a) seasonal and (b) monsoon rainfall for 1901–2003
7 Time series of active (upper panel) and break (lower panel) events during the monsoon season
8 Cyclone tracks of depressions and cyclonic storms formed during 2017:
   (a) monsoon season and (b) other seasons

9 Emission trends across four major CO2 emitters
10 CO2 emissions (in MtCO2) in India as compared to GDP (PPP)
11 Carbon dioxide emissions within subsectors in India
12 Emissions by fuel type in India
13 Comparison of coal cess collected, amount transferred, and projects recommended under NCEEF