List of Appendices

A.1 Depletion of ozone layer and emission of GHGs

A.2 Marine and terrestrial protectd areas and number of threatened species of biodiversities by taxonomic groups.

A.3 Land resources and biophysical process of land degradation

A.4a Production and consumption of oil, natural gas, and coal of selected countries.

A.4b Total ecological footprint in 2012

A.5 Emission of nitrous oxide, sulphur oxide, and particulate matter in atmosphere

A.6 Undernourishment, depth of food deficit and prevalence of food inadequacy

A.7 Prevalence of maternal and infant mortality, Hiv, tuberculosis, and diseases from all causes

A.8 Adult literacy rate and gross enrolment rate at primary, secondary, and tertiary education (%).

A.9 Total energy use, access to electricity, non-solid fuels and renewable energy consumption..

A.10 Some of the basic indicators on social and economic demography

A.11 Urban poverty, slums and access to improved water supply and sanitation systems.

A.12 Ecological footprint and biocapacity (global hectares per person) 2011

A.13 Education index (1980–2014)

A.14 Human Development Index of countries (1980–2014)