TERRAVISION: Threads of Life (English)

TERRAVISION: Threads of Life (English)

  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Cover Price: Rs.400.00 / US $20.00
  • Special Price: Rs.360.00 / US $18.00
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The Indian society is one of the rare ones that can boast of a multitude of traditional crafts and artisanship. From the Bankura terracotta to bell metal works and coarse silks from Bhagalpur, fame of the Indian artisanship has crossed the seas. However, this precious treasure might be lost owing to the general shift in lifestyles and lack of attention given to preserve the crafts. 'Threads of life' is a documentary that picks up these loose ends and tries to highlight the plight of the voiceless artisans, exploitation of middlemen, and fresh attempts by the social and civil rights activists to restore the lives back to the workers.

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